Waheed Murad 

Waheed Murad, better known as the Chocolate Hero. He was born on October 2, 1938, in Sialkot and left the world on November 23, 1983.
He was also a Pakistani film actor, producer, and scriptwriter. Waheed Murad made the film industry flourish in the subcontinent.
You have a bachelor's degree in SM. From Arts College Karachi. He then completed his Master's in English Literature from the University of Karachi.
He started his film career as a comedian in 1959 with a film partner. When you were 21 years old.
Your famous movie, Arman, which you produced yourself, was a huge success for you.
Totals acted in 159 films and won 32 film awards.

Waheed Murad Life Biography

When you died, the then President of Pakistan Asif Ali Zardari gave you the Sitara e Imteyaz  ستارۃ امتیاز award, which is the third-highest award and the civilian award for Pakistan. It is offered in the field of literature, arts, medicine and sports or science.
Waheed Murad began his film career as a producer in the film art produced by his father in 1969 with the film "Insan bolta hai"
After that you watched the second film producer's "Ever since you've seen".
 After this film, Ziba advised Waheed to bring himself as a hero in his new film. Waheed was not ready to be seen as a hero in his own film.
But when the same suggestion was given by his old friend Pervez Malik, you accepted him on condition that Zeebah would work with him as a heroin. Ziba accepted this condition.
Then you appeared in 1962 as a supporting role in the film Children. This movie was directed by your friend SM Yousad. The film received a lot of enthusiasm from critics. This year's award was won by the same film which was the Nigar Award.
Then in the Diamond and Stone movie which was your first movie. In this you worked as a lead actor. The film also won the same year's "Nigar Award".
In 1966, Waheed produced and acted the Arman film. The film broke box office records.

Film Art Production

It meant producing eleven films in his father's company. You were considered the youngest producer at that time.
Most of the films received the Golden Jubilee or the Silver Jubilee Award. From 1960 to 1970, "Man Speaks", Arman, Ehsan, Naseeb made their own and best-known monthly films. No film was produced after Mastana, except for the film hero who was produced in 1980 and released after his death.

Your life

Only one boy meant his parents. Your mother's name was Sherin and father's name was Nisar Murad.
Waheed Murad Life Biography


Murad married Salma on September 17, 1964. Who was the daughter of an industrialist living in Karachi
They had two daughters. There were Aaliyah and Sadia and a son, Adil. Sadiya died in infancy.

Last day and day

Waheed's son Adil was staying with his grandmother in Karachi. The day before his face surgery, Waheed celebrated his son's birthday. There were good gifts for him. Then Anita spends the night with Job.
When Waheed did not wake up late in the morning, his door was thrust open, then his dead body was lying on the ground in front of you. Pan's address was then seen in his mouth. It could not be clarified that your death was due to a heart attack or jaundice.

Waheed was buried with his father's grave.