What is a Blog, How do I Create a Free Blog?

Nowadays the Blog name is becoming very popular in the world of internet, making it the first choice of people who are interested in sharing their written articles on the internet as it can earn a lot of money and names quickly. ۔ Thousands of people create their own live blogs daily.

Some people make it just for a hobby. So some people make a living by making it famous. But there are still some people who do not even know about it. In this post, we will learn what a blog is about and how to create a blog for free?

Its popularity among people is also increasing because it is now the easiest and most free. And you can make it by making it. So let's know what a blog is and how to make it free for blogging.
➤ What is a Blog?

Many people have used different words to understand the blog in their style. But simply put, this is a platform through which we can share our hearts with the public by posting in any language. We can write a blog on any topic. If we have any special knowledge on a subject such as blogging, WordPress, blogger, youtube, computer, tips and tricks, politics and education۔To learn more about the experience, thoughts, and knowledge of a blog, you can share publicly with the public.

By doing so, we can increase our knowledge as well as others. In addition, blogs are being created today to generate income. It has also become a good field for people to earn online. But the thinking of every person is different.
For this, each person makes it work separately. Some people make it for hobby and another for business. One was formerly known as a web log. But now it is known worldwide as a blog. But the name is in English.
➤ How To Create Your Blog For Free
But after reading this post you will soon understand.
Well there are many free blogging platforms on the internet
But above all, Google is the blog platform for good blogging.
Blogger is a Google service. Which can be totally believed. It's a very simple and free platform.
Here we do not read the sum of anything. And the free domain gets all the domain, hosting, bandwidth and disk space

What is a Blog, How do I Create a Free Blog

If we're building our blog on Blogger, we need a Gmail account. Without a Gmail ID, password, or a Google Account on our Blogger platform we cannot create it
We do not need another account, but rather log in to the Blogger platform with GMII and password. Because both Gmail and Blogger is a Google service. In addition to computers or laptops, it also requires an internet connection.

How To Create Free Blogs On Blogger

 After being creating google Gmail account we must first visit Blogger's website Blogger.com. Now the homepage will be open,
Click the Create Your Blog button in it. The sign-in page will now be open. Use your Gmail ID and password.
 Welcome to Blogger Page Open Now! Click on the "Continue to Blogger" button in addition to your confirmed Google profile.

 After clicking on continue blogger button we will reach the blogger dashboard and here we will see the opening of the new blog. Click on the "Create a New Blog" page will open. In this, we need to fill in some information.

  1. Enter the name of your blog. For Example (Helpful smart book)
  2. Your blog address is also there. For Example (Helpful book)
  3. Select a blogging template. 
Click the "Create a Blog" button now. Clicking the button will create our blog. Now you can easily can do blogging.
What is a Blog, How do I Create a Free Blog
And use your knowledge, ideas, and experience to share with our online public and you increase your knowledge of the logo,
Recommending guests to blog my blog well, new and useful posts will increase the revenue.